Back Home (Betsy)

When Betsy was a teenager she was supposed to ware a body brace. She was told It would add 10 years to her life. It was painful and ugly but it helped her to decide to go for quality of life over quantity. So she stopped using it. 

When she was born doctors gave her only until she was 4 to live then it was 7 than 17 then 30 finally they stopped answering that question.  It gave her the urgency to live her life to the best that she could.  Reading by 3 she demanded a lot of her self and wanted then best for those she loved and know. 

Early in our relationship I got in trouble when I suggested to her that she can take something fun and try so hard at it that it would become work!  It took some time for me realize that she was just making it hers.  This is how she saw the world, as a series of problems to over come and not obstacles holding her back.  You just had to figure it out the solution to a problem once, then you always know the answer. 

In the last few years she started to question her place in the world and gods purpose in her being born with her combinations of disabilities and gifts. I believe she was meant to inspire those she came in contact with.  Years back Dekin Bob gave Betsy a poster at bingo, it sided “when god closes one door he opens another”.  She used that idea to look for the good in everything that happens. 

In the 17 years that I knew Betsy she’s changed me is so many ways.  I’m a far better person then I could have been with out her.