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Frank & Betsy Christmas Letter 2000


Dear Friends & Family,

 Another Christmas is here again.  Itís time for the dreaded form letter that so many people find impersonal.  I hope you understand that I would love to write all of my friends and family a little personal note, but sadly typing is getting harder and harder for me anymore.  But please know that I care deeply for each of you who read this letter.

 Unfortunately, the new Millennium has not been good to us.  Last year, I celebrated the New Year with pneumonia.  I had gotten sick in October Ď99 and just kept getting worse.  I was really bad the entire month of January.  I finally recovered, but it severely weakened me and my lungs.  I now have to use inhalers to help me breath easier.  Thank God, I havenít gotten sick since.

 Then as I was finally regaining my strength, tragedy struck; my mother passed away.  She had been vacationing in Arizona with her cousins.  Two days before she was to fly home, she suffered a heart attack on a tour bus.  They did CPR on her on the bus until they could get her to a hospital, but she didnít have enough oxygen and she was severely brain damaged.  My brother and his wife flew to Arizona.  We all mutually agreed that she would never want to live her life without her full faculties.  We decided to remove all life support.  We flew her home and admitted her in a local nursing home.  We stayed at her bedside almost around the clock.  She died April 3rd, nineteen days after her attack.  It was the most difficult thing Iíve ever had to go through.  I owe everything to my mother and I miss her greatly.  My life will never be the same without her.  She was a wonderful woman.

 We had a relatively quiet summer and fall.  I bought a new computer.  After 7 years of using a Macintosh, I finally switched over to an IBM.  I love it.  While I was learning how to use my new computer, Frank took up home brewing as a hobby.  So far he has made 3 different kinds of beers.  He is now is in the process of brewing hard cider which needs to age 6 months.  He is learning all the different types of beers, ales, and lagers.  The only problem he has encountered was when one batch over-fermented.  Several bottles exploded in our back room and basement!!  It sounded like gunshots going off!!  What a mess!!  The main thing is that heís having fun.  He is like a mad scientist; and I swear he enjoys making it more than drinking it.

 We also get together with friends every Wednesday and play cards.  It breaks up the week and the monotony of work.  We both enjoy having them all over and we have a lot of fun.

 Frank & I spent Thanksgiving in Atlantic City.  Unfortunately, we lost miserably and all-in-all we were glad to come home.  I know Christmas will be especially hard on me without my mother.  We plan on keeping busy with friends and having a quiet day with my brother and sister.  I hope this letter finds you happy and healthy and surrounded by those you love.

 Merry Christmas,

Betsy & Frank