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Frank & Betsy Christmas Letter 2001


Another holiday season is upon us yet again.   It seems to come faster and faster every year.  I guess that is a sign of old age setting in on me.  This year, I thought I had a jump on everything.  I started shopping in July and was about 75% done by November.  Then all of a sudden it is mid-December and the house isn't decorated, the cards aren't written and there isn't a Christmas cookie in sight.  Where does time go?

 This year has been relatively quiet for the Fenti's compared to the rest of the chaos in the world.  In February, we went for a wonderful week's stay with Frank's grandmother in Myrtle Beach, SC.  We enjoyed going to many restaurants & breweries.  We also took Grandma on a all day cruise on a casino boat.  We went for the boat ride, not the gambling.  We learned our lesson last year in Atlantic City.  We just sat on the upper deck all day watching for dolphins and enjoying the waves.  It was the most relaxing vacation we have ever had.

 In July, we went to Toronto for a weekend with 7 of our friends.  We went to see our first major league baseball game - Yankees vs. Blue Jays.  I am a huge Yankees fan.  It was so exciting to be at the stadium with the crowds cheering all around us.  To hear the crack of the bat when a homerun was hit into the stands was incredible.  I couldn't get down close to the dugout so Frank took our digital camera down to the edge of the field while the teams were warming up.  He got some fantastic pictures.  He knows I am Derek Jeter's #1 fan so he got a lot of pictures of him for me.  Some of the pictures can be seen on Frank's website under the "Trip to Toronto" link.  We had so much fun that we stayed an extra day to see another game.  Next year, I want to talk Frank into going to Yankee Stadium.  Stay tuned on that.

 Other than our trips we have kept busy with friends.  We still have them over once a week to play cards.  And we both joined euchre tournaments.  It has been fun.  Also, we have been extremely busy with our jobs.  Work has been difficult.  There have been many administrative changes in the schools this year.  Frank & I each have new supervisors.  That has been a bit stressful for us.  We are really looking forward to Christmas break.

 I hope this letter finds you well and happy.  Have a wonderful holiday.  I pray that next year will be a happy one for you and that there will be peace on Earth in 2002.  God bless.



Betsy, Frank & Myau (the cat)