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Frank & Betsy Christmas Letter 1993

December 15, 1993 

Merry Christmas!

             Well, itís that time of year again for Christmas cards and letters.  Itís seems as if there is never enough time to write letters during the year but we can always find the time to write during the busy holiday season. 

            Frank and I have been so busy this year.  It seems as if we are always on the go.  Frank is still working very hard at the bank.  This year, he has taken on many new responsibilities there.  He works the night shift (5:00PM-2:00AM) which creates a very different schedule for us.  We go to bed just as most people are getting up.  We donít mind the hours because we get to enjoy the afternoons while most people have to work.  The only drawback is that we have no social life with the rest of our friends. 

            Our computers keep us both very busy.  Next month marks our 4th anniversary for the Hornell Area Computer Klub (HACK).  It seems like yesterday when Frank & I formed the Klub.  It has grown so much this year (30-35 active members) that we are starting to consider moving to a larger location.  Even though we only hold the meetings once a month, it is a lot of work keeping it organized.  But we really enjoy it.  We have met some wonderful people through the Klub.  Some who have grown to be very close friends that have made such a difference in our life.  We are hoping to get more and more people involved with the Klub in the coming year. 

            Frank is also doing some computer consulting work around the Hornell area.  Just by word of mouth, he gets called to help individuals with their personal computers.  He is also still doing a lot with computer graphics.  Last month, he was to asked give a demonstration to the students at Alfred-Almond Central School.  He showed them a lot about all the new advances in computer graphics.  The kids were very interested and excited about all the things he showed them.  We have heard since then that the schoolís computer class have been very active doing some of the techniques he showed them.  At the first of the year, he will giving some workshops on word processing to the employees of Dresser Rand in Wellsville.  Itís a machinistsí factory that has its own computer club.  They heard about Frank through one of our Klub members who works there.  Frank is really looking forward to it.

             I too have been very busy this year with my computer.  I use a Mac IIx with a special miniature keyboard that I type using my mouth.  I recently got started on a PASS Plan.  Itís a program through the government that allows me to receive more money to put toward a vocational goal.  I will be using the money to purchase better computer equipment and software.  The PASS has an18 month timetable, at the end of which I hope to either have a job or start my own business.  Itís a very scary prospect but at the same time very exciting.  In March, I will taking my computer to Chenango Forks for an educatorsí conference to demonstrate how the disabled can use a computer to help aide them in day-to-day living.

             I am still doing a large amount of community volunteer work.  The Hornell Area 4th of July Assoc. kept me extremely busy until August.  I am still secretary and fund-raising chairman for the committee.  Right now is the slow season for the committee, but as soon January rolls around it will chaotic again.  In October, I finally resigned from the Hornell Area Council on the Disabled of which I was a founding member.  It took much soul searching before I finally made the decision to leave.  The Council was getting smaller and I didnít feel as if I had as much time to devote to it that it deserved.  Since then, another member has moved on and I am sad to say that the Council is considering disbanding.

             Other than the computer, my other big hobby is collecting rebates.  I save upcs from products such as Energizer batteries, Hershey, etc. and send away for merchandise.  I get many Christmas presents for my friends and family that way.  This year we set up a miniature village on our coffee table made up of Hershey ornaments, fake snow and lights.  It looks beautiful.

             We are looking forward to 1994.  We have many plans and goals for the new year.  We are going to make some major changes in our life.  We are hoping that we can start looking for a place of our own soon.  It is our all-time dream to have our own home.  This year, we are going to try to start making that dream a reality.

             Now itís time to bring this letter to a close.  We would like to wish you, your family & friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year!



                                                                                                Frank, Betsy & Myau (our cat)