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Frank & Betsy Christmas Letter 1994

Merry Christmas!

             Last year, our Christmas letter was so popular, we decided to make it an annual event.  I am terrible at corresponding throughout the year.  So I decided I had better sit down and try to encapsulate an entire year on a couple sheets of paper.  At least this way, our family & friends can keep up with what we have been up to all year.  Well here goes!

             1994 has been a rough year for us.  We have gone through many changes.  In February, Carole, the lady that stayed with me while Frank was at work, had a heart attack.  She had been with us since we were married and we were very close.  Her agency had neglected to train anyone else to come in if she was ever out sick.  Because of Frankís work hours (5:00PM-2:30AM or later), it was hard to find a replacement.  After only two weeks, the agency gave up trying to find anyone.  I was passed on to another agency.  They finally found someone to come in only 3 hours a day.  She is really great at taking care of the house and clothes, but she has not been the best companion to me.  Even though she has been here for 10 months, we are not at all close.  We lead completely different lifestyles and I just donít feel comfortable with her.  Frank and I have talked about getting someone different after the holidays.  Itís been too hard on me not having someone around that I can talk with.

             Frankís job at the bank has expanded a lot in the last year.  He has taken on many more duties & responsibilities.  Unfortunately, many hours of overtime go along with it.  The bank is planning a computer upgrade soon, which will change Frankís hours.  Hopefully then he will be able to go in to work earlier in the day and we can go to bed earlier.  Right now we live on approximately 5-6 hours of sleep a day.  We are always tired. 

            This summer we went on our first real vacation since our honeymoon.  We drove down to Hershey, PA.  We got a really great deal on a room.  We spent 3 days there.  We toured the Hershey Museum & Chocolate World.  We went to Zoo America.  My favorite part was feeding the ducks.  We spent 2 days at Hershey Amusement Park.  We had a lot of fun.  Frank enjoyed the water rides while I enjoyed eating a ton of chocolate.

             This summer we started looking for a house.  Our apartment seems to be getting smaller every day.  The first house that we looked at was a disaster.  There was so much work needed to be done in it.  The walls were unfinished, most of the rooms had no ceilings only insulation held up by wiring and one room on the second floor you could only get to by a ladder in the dining room.  We were very discouraged.  The next house we saw, we really liked.  It needed a lot work, but we felt we could do it.  We put an offer on it that we felt it was worth, but the owner flatly refused it.  We were disappointed, but we felt we did the right thing.  The house was very small for what they wanted for it.  So we are still hoping to find something soon.  We are trying to put away some money toward a down payment.  With any luck, next year at this time, we will be in our own place.

             Our computer club has doubled this year.  This January marks the 5th anniversary of the club.  We are planning on doing a huge publicity push to increase our membership even more.  It keeps us very busy.

             I am still doing work for the 4th of July committee.  This will be my 8th year on the committee.  This may be my last year with them.  I am planning on trying to find a part time job that I can do at home. 

             I hope all is well with you and your loved ones.  Have a wonderful holiday season! 


                        Betsy & Frank