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Frank & Betsy Christmas Letter 1996

Happy Holidays!

 Another year has come and gone.  This year went by so quickly.  Frank and I were kept busy by one thing or another. 

 One of the things that kept us very busy was our involvement with the Internet.  In February, our computer club held a public meeting to discuss the need of a local connection to the Internet in the Hornell area.  We had an article written in the paper and did a large mailing to promote it.  We had 77 people turnout.  More than triple our usual attendance.  I feel that meeting had a big impact on our community because now Hornell has 3 local connections.

 I spend several hours a day on the Internet.  I have a lot of fun playing on-line games, emailing people, filling out surveys for prizes or talking to my friend in Sweden.  It keeps me busy while Frank is at work.  If you ever have access to the Internet, email me at and say hi.  I love getting email.

 Frank has been very busy at work this year.  He got a large promotion, unfortunately without a pay increase.  He is now the bank's Network Admin/PC Specialist. In October, he went on the day shift.  Frank adjusted easily to the new schedule.  Much better than I have.  I have always been a night owl and seem to be having a very diffiicult time getting used to the new hours.  I'm not a morning person.  Everybody says that I'll get used to it.  I hope so.  Also, the bank just acquired 5 additional branches.  The conversion of them will take place on December 20th.  That will double Frank's workload.  I am hoping that all the extra work won't interfere with us having a relaxing holiday. 

 We are still enjoying our new house.  Even though we have been here over a year and a half, it still seems new to us.  This spring we put in a 10'x22' patio.  Frank dug it out himself.  Friends came over to help level out the concrete.  It was a big job.  But we really enjoyed sitting on it this summer.  We had a disappointing gardening season.  We never got to enjoy any of the vegetables that we planted.  An invasion of slugs and weeds destroyed everything.  We are hoping for better luck next year.  Frank spent one whole week cleaning out the basement of debris of the previous owner.  We are hoping to finish off the basement to use for storage. 

Well I hope this letter finds you well.  And I hope you enjoy the holidays and have a happy and healthy 1997. 


Betsy & Frank