Frank J. Fenti's Models


These models were put together by my father when he was a teenager during the late 50ís.  he had them on display in his work room, what he called his gun room.  When I was 4 & 5 I had to pass this room to go to bed and the models scared me so.  Years later after my father had moved several times I had lost track of them.  It wasnít until he thought that he might be dieing that he asked me if I would take care of them for him.  He was proud of them & I was proud of him.  I think that it made him happy to know that I had always wanted them.  They are all first issue of the series.  I gave my brother the Dr. Jackal & Mr. Hyde that was still in the box.


The Forgotten Prisoner


The Witch


The Creature from the Black Lagoon


The Hunch back of Notre Dame


King Kong




The Wolf Man


The Phantom of the Opera






The Mommy


I miss you dad. thanks for everything & I sorry that we were not closer