I came with something that I had written but when it came time to speak I adlibbed something I was happier with instead.

What I had prepared was: " Dad used to say that if it worth doing then it worth doing well.  And he showed this in the way he lived his life from his job to his Hobbies.  If it wasn’t good enough he would offer start over.  I remember one Christmas when he got me an electronics kit.  The kit required a considerable amount of assembled and he spent a whole Sunday night trying to get it together, he was in the basement getting frustrated and swearing at it.  It wasn’t until years later that I realized that he had a hard time showing feeling and that working hard at something was his way of showing people that he cared.  I see this in my brother in the way he’s raising his girls and my self in how I deal with people around me. 

What great legacy this is, Thank you Dad, for everything!"