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--Currently on planet TECH--

Wend July 2 2003  Over the weekend I installed my firewall and moved my web server and mail server.  Installed a new ftp server.  tonight i got two things on my todo list done I'm getting closer to my goal, the worst thing that could happen is that things workout?  I also started work on my apple IIe digital music player.  When I was in high school I used the zero crossover circuit in the apple's cassette in port to record music 20 years before mp3's.  Ok a apple could only hold about 15 seconds of audio.  As i sit here reading 6502 code I wrote all those years ago all I can say is that I must have been smart.  I need to decode my old audio format

Mon June 30 2003 Tomorrow is July , it would have been Betsy and mine 14 anniversary!  I missed going down to her grave last year due to hurting my leg. but I'm not going miss it tomorrow. 

trying to keep my mind busy and my spirits up. 

look at what I have ;-)

factoid: The US conducted a census in the year 2000. The first US census to be tallied by a computer was in 1950. Univac did the tallying. 

Thur June 26,2003 For the last few months I have felt “STUCK”.  I know that I need to move on with my life but saying it and knowing what it means or how to do it is still a mystery.  I met Betsy in 1983 and we became good friends in 84 when I was 17.  From that point on I wanted to help make a difference in her life.  This was the driving force behind all my decisions and efforts from work to home.  I got good at computers in part so that I could enable her.  For the 19 years I was her friend and the 12 of that she was my wife all my decisions were so clear-cut.  I have no idea what to do for fun or the reasons why I go to work or pay my bills. I seem to be just milling about while time moves by.  Never have I felt so lost.  I want to do something fun this summer but I don’t know what!  I’ve thought about starting dating again but I think it would be unfair to whoever I was with, for I’m not even slightly over Betsy. But never the less I’m feeling compiled to act I just need to figure out “how” and “on what”.  So if I hurt anyone in the process I want to say “I’m Sorry” it was never my intention.  

Thanks for the card Rachael, It really made my day. I will miss seeing your smiling face in the halls.  Good luck and until we meet again.

I’ve been having trouble with publishing to my web site but during this time I've continued with the updates.

ToDaY's Weird Factoid: Ivory Soap

·    When Harley Procter decided to develop a creamy white soap to compete with imported castile soaps, he asked his cousin, chemist James Gamble, to formulate the product. One day after the soap when into production, a factory worker (who remains anonymous) forgot to switch off the master mixing machine when he went to lunch and too much air was whipped into a batch of soap. Consumers, delighted by the floating soap, demanded more, and from then on, Procter and Gamble gave all white soap an extra-long whipping.
·       Harley Procter, considering a long list of new names for his white soap, was inspired one Sunday morning in church when the pastor read Psalm 45: "All thy garments smell of myrrh, and aloes, and cassia, out of the ivory palaces, whereby they have made thee glad."
·       A chemist's analysis of Ivory soap indicated that 56/100 of the ingredients did not fall into the category of pure soap. Procter subtracted from 100, and wrote the slogan "99-44/100% Pure" which first appeared in Ivory's advertising in 1882. "It Floats" was added to Ivory's slogan in 1891.
·       Ivory Soap is the best-selling soap in America because the air-laden bars dissolve twice as fast as other brands, compelling consumers to buy twice as much.
·       Approximately 30 billion cakes of Ivory Soap had been manufactured by 1990.


Sun June 15 2003  Friday the 13th was three days ago but it caught up with me today.  I was going to ride to Alfred to day then stop at the car show on the way back.  This was not to be!  I had a very bad allergic reaction to something in the air and my left contact fell out just before the Almont School..  luckily I found it on road and carried it back in my mouth. then some where around the dam a bug flew right up my nose, in reaction to the bug I thought that would be a good time to test out the helmet by ditching the bike!  Never did make it to the car show,  Later  in the day I needed to take a friends  door apart to to feed his dog, The key had gotten jammed in the deadbolt!

Betsy you were right, the more I write the easier and better it get. I miss you.

Sorry Nancy & Mickey I know I sent almost identical text to the one above to both of you, I'm lazy what else can I say.

Thanks again Mickey, The disc's are really bring back good memories.  They will always remind me of how me and Betsy met and built our friendship. They say that in time the pain will be replaced by a warm feeling of nostalgia.  I think that I now see it coming.

Today weird Factoid:  Ag or Gold makes up 3% of the Earth.  While this number may seem small its enough to plate the whole planet knee deep!


(Puzzled) Sunday June 8 2003 I wish I could understand what's happening to me. A few weeks ago most everything made since, but now even the simplest things seem so complex.  I wish I could stop thinking and start reacting.  Things are changing for me and I don't know where they will take me.  All I know it that I'm heading in a new direction,  I hope I can take my friendships with me.

Sunday June 8 2003 Well its 1:15 am Sunday morning.  Normally this is the end of fun evening out with friends at our old haunt “Grady’s” which we have been going to every Saturday night since they opened over three plus years ago.  Tonight it's a different story as I sit here late at night writing this all I feel is anger, I should be sleeping as I’m going bike riding early in the morning.  I’m upset over the fact that My friends and myself have given Grady’s a lot of business over the years and tonight we were made to feel like we were bothering our waitress.  So I would like to take a moment to apologize to her.  I’m very sorry to have been a bother & I should have let you take my plate even though I was only half done with my sandwich, that was very selfish of me.  I can old speak for myself but I feel our partridge of Grady’s was misplaced.

With my anger also comes guilt, for you see I know what a had job waitressing is and I enjoy rewarding good service with being a generous tipper, as I hope most of the waiters/waitress that have server me would attest to. 

Having typed this out has made me feel a lot better, I work hard at doing what I feel is the best I can do.

Sunday June 1 2003.  Well My vacation is over, I road 52 miles this week about a third of what I wanted to do, Being sick will do that.  I got a lot done though.

I think some one is trying to tell me something. I'm getting about  3-5 Spam messages a day for PENILE ENLARGEMENT, I'm beginning to get a complex 

Thur May 29 2003  Memory can tell us only what we were, in company with those we loved;  It cannot help us find what each of us, alone, must now become.  Yet no one is really alone; those who live no more echo still within our thoughts and words, and what they did is part of what we have become.

Thur May 22 2003  Well Betsy been gone for a year as of today. Its been a long two months



Tue Apr 19 2003 Time for a few thanks.  Thanks for the drawings bill.  My friend Bill took the time to draw up some emoticons for me. as soon as I get them scanned and adjusted I add them to his art section.


A thanks to Mickey for the invite to the movies Sunday night.  Dream catcher was a blast.


A thanks to Diane for identifying the name of the wild flower (Tusenskona, Bellis perennis L) I'm going to be planting on Betsy Grave 


And lastly a hope of mine in creating my classmates account was to find out was up with some of my classmates.  the people I'm looking for are


Kevin Kratts

Rich Henn

Tracy Mann

Wendy Palmer

Jason Mess

Amy Lemon

Pam Wenck 


Today thought:   To all the virgins out there, thanks for nothing!


Tue Apr 22 2003 Well My cell phone died, who knew they couldn't swim!  I had to have a new one for my job and I always trade up so I sprang for all the bells and whistles.

She's a LG VX4400


I added my Apple IIe Double hires page to night, so completes my first programming project.  Well back to the Cell Phone's manual.

Sun Apr 20 2003  most of my pc's are working again.  Created a Classmates account today and added more photo to the photo section of Nancy and myself riding the greenway trail. I did some work rearranging a few pages. add a new page for My friend bill.  worked in the yard and cleaned up my back room.  I'm not looking forward to this Friday 2/25 as it would have been Betsy Birthday.  I've stared to program again.  I'l using powerbasic.  As a first project I'm writing a general logger this will teach me how to do winapi & Gui's.  my first two programs are below. 


1st message box

2nd logger v0.00000000000000001 it no longer blue screens!


I also found all the Roms for the Atari 5200, 7800 and Atari Lynx game systems

Fri Mar 21 2003  Bad day, my main PC finally crashed.  I hope I can salvage the data.  Any who I accelerated the build of my next pc. I have 14.  I won't be able receive mail until Sunday.


Tue Mar 16 2003 Check out the new photo section.  first photos are for today's trip Rochester.


Tue Mar 4 2003 The People over at DHL must have the heads up their asses. You pay for overnight and it takes a week!


Tue Feb 26 2003 Over all It was a bad day. My good friend "Yukon Jack" left me with headache.  I fell on the ice and hurt my bad leg.  My web server had some sort of issue,  I have no idea what went wrong but I lost 1/2 of the pictures.  My cell phone broke.  My main PC had  it's boot drive go 'Bye Bye'.  The only thing I can smile over was the flirting with the girl at the movie rental place. M  knows what I talking about


Today's thought



I added some pictures to the about me section.  I also went though more of Betsy's Stuff I'd had hoped thait it would get easy,  no sign of that yet.


Mon Feb 25 2003   Normally I try not to show my true feelings especially when I think they may influence people around me.  So Nancy I'm am very disenchanted with myself that I allow you to see my disappointment over you not coming out Saturday night. 


& Sun Feb 23 2003  I think the stress of late is begging to take it's toll.  The encryption that I'm going to be using is going to be harder than the last one.  I'm writing my own at the moment based on Genetics routines.


As pre Bill's Request I've added The amazing boat to my humor section


Today's Thoughts Sun Fen 23  2003 I don't know what the key to success is, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.


Vg*f boivbhf gung lbh unir jnl gb zhpu gvzr ba lbhe unaqf. Ohg lbh gbbx gur gvzr gb qrpbqr guvf naq gung fnlf n ybg nobhg lbh. Vg gryyf zr gung gur havirefr vf n chmmyr gb lbh naq gung lbh zhfg gnxr vg ncneg naq yrnea sebz vg. V nccynhq lbh sevraq. Gur nafjre lbh frrx vf 42!


Today's Thoughts Wed  Feb19 2003 

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a

miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

Albert Einstein

Wed Feb 19 2003  I think that I'm just in a bad mood.  A lot of stress and no fun plus work.  Got drunk, that didn't help. I did some work on the page that I am building for my father.  

Today's Thoughts Tue Feb18 2003

The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one.

Mon Feb 17 2003 A lot has happened since the ninth.  My father died on Tuesday Feb 11 at about 3:00am .  He lasted just 11 days since he was told that he had a month left.  I prayed that it would be quick so that he didn’t have to suffer long.  I was just getting to know him better in the last few months while helping him and mom.  I don’t expect life to be fair but I would hope that I have a little reprieve before the next trial.  One good thing is that I met an old friend of dads that mad this all easier and helped me to know him better in that last week of his life.  Thank you, your presents was never an intrusion.  I will keep in touch.  I will be getting to my email messages as soon as I can, keeping up on this is very important to me.  

It at this time that I miss Betsy the most, her wisdom and outlook always gave me strength.  So many people I knew are now gone; My father, Betsy, her mother Mary, her father Raymond, our Friend Cindy and my grandfather Duke to name a few.    

Now my brother and I need to deal with mom.  I hope she will become more independent but we have our doubts.  

Thank goodness that I found out that futurma is on every night at 11, It’s been my escape.  20 more minutes until its on.  

I was talking to Marty last night with IM about his emoticon he uses and that Bill would have a lot to say.  See Bill must hate cowboy hats.  Marty mention that Bill needed a smiley that was on fire as Bill set himself on fire by accident at work.  He wasn’t hurt, which makes this funny.  Anyway I went out looking for one and found over 800.  I downloaded them all and put them in my Humor Section.  Please take a look!  

On a weird/off note.  Last night I was watching “Nightmare Before Christmas” and came to the conclusion that the Girl that I am looking for would be a lot like Sally my favorite character from the movie.  Weird right?

ttfn Frank

& Sun Feb 9 2003  On Friday Jan 31 My fathers doctors told Dad, my brother and myself that dad's cancer was out of control and that there was nothing they could do.  They gave him less then 30 days.  needless to say I have been a little unfocused since my last update.  My brother and I could not have cared for him and my mother at home so we decided to put him in the Vincent house in Wayland a hospice care site.  He went down hill quickly with the cancer moving into his brain by Feb 5 all traces of my father were gone, he could barely recognized us.  This is very hard,  Having lost Betsy in an unforeseen instance and then watching my father rot away.  I'm filled with guilt for not being there now, having spent the week there and taking care of mom I needed a break.  I put a lot of the blame on his doctors for all the delays, they suspected cancer back in November but keep wanting to look at other things.  I know had they acted then things would be different.  I thought that doctors worked by "First do no harm"  delaying was more then harmful it was fatal, shame on you and god help all the patents that follow!

I add to the humor section,  Tea-shirts and drugs for woman

Sun Jan 26 2003  with all that's gone on this week between my father and mother, running around and going out of town I'm frazzled.  I've have been home only to sleep, I'm behind on everything! And tonight's the Super bowl, The only game i watch each year.  So as i write this I'm am so wasted as I have drank most of what i have bought from beers of the world while watching the game & feeling guilty for not being able to help my father.

Sat Jan 25 2003 Steel & ink.  I went out of town with Marty to a motorcycle and tattoo convention called Steel & Ink.  Saw a lot of hot bikes & biker chicks.  While we waited in line for Marty to get his tattoo & got a lot of ideas for mine. As i come up with drawings i will post the here.  we had dinned with some friends of his the he used to work with when he lived  Rochester.  The restaurant was great, It's called "The Old toad" with a British flare. 

I stole the the bar coaster  below for my collection.

 I loved it,  Our waitress had the hottest accent of a brit, I defently will be back.  The only down side was missing an evening with Nancy and her sister Patty,  I'm sorry I missed you to. 

Nancy we all have to go to beers of the World, what a candy store!

Fri Jan 24 2003 Today my father had his kidney removed, he's been in a lot of pain and the current belief is cancer.  The most incredible thing was that his epidermal iv for pain relief  had moved and nobody would believe him hat his pain button was not working. It took 3 hours for them to come to the same conclusion that he was in agony.  I believe that they all should spend three hours in his bed to find what they put him though.  And doctors if I tell you he is hard of hearing and to speak up,  that a HINT that he CAN'T hear you and to SPEAK UP!  What ever happened to customer service in the medical industry??


Wend Jan 22 2003 Sick Sick Sick, I had to cancel cards.  No sense in all of my friends getting this.  By my outdoor thermometer it's -5F tonight, Boy am I glad I have an electric blanket. Saw some more of those CDW Fred commercials tonight,  You can laugh but it's really like that out on planet TECH.  People scare me sometimes,  like the guy who called me in because his CDRom was not working.  It turned out he moved his computer and set it up up-side-down.  So when he let go of a cd it just fell to the desk.  spooky! 

Tue Jan 21 2003  I guess it true nice guys finish last.  well I won't be doing that again.  Maybe it's time I was selfish and think about ME for a while.

& & & Mon Jan 20 2003 Today I rearranged my computer room a little, and I put in a new HUGE JUMBO storage cabinet.  you know the old adage measure twice an cut once,  well it should read measure 3 time, think about it, reread the instructions and measure again.  Here's some of the things that went wrong.  I laid it out so when it was complete I could lift up against the wall.  But this was also in fount of the door I did not notice this until I had it together and the tools I needed were outside the room I was in!  Glue runes down hill like into the carpet.  all six of the shelves need glue on both sides, so i had glued the whole thing to my carpet in 12 places.  Its a good thin that I do this for a living I could hurt someone like myself.

Thur Jan 16 2003  Today my father gave me the monster models he put together when he was a kid in the 50's.  I have fond memories of them while growing up.  They were put together very well and dad was always proud of them.  years ago i saw a documentary of Ray Bradbury his writing room was filled with memories of his past & thing that interested him.  I have been working towage this in my computer room and will put the models there. As soon as I unboxed them I'll post some photos.

I think I'm going to put way thoughts of dating for now, Until i can understand what's happing to me.  At the moment I can't seem to manage even a hello to a beautiful woman.

PS.  Shawn you can type faster then i can speak

Wend Jan 15 2003 The new setup is 11% faster then before.  I did some work on the humor section.

Tue Jan 14 2003 Got the new modem but its dog slow. but never fear SuperTech is here and after a little magic and a few threats it faster then ever.  Time to play the arcade machine I'm building.  I now have it jerry rigged to a TV but the picture is lousy. And who is Jerry and why is he always rigging things?   

Mon Jan 13 2003  Ok now what's wrong.  Sh#t it looks like my cable modem died.  It looks like I'm a coward with the gals after all, and my cravenness was in vane as I had no opportunity to fail.

& Sun Jan 12 2003 Two day work and I'm 95% done.  I'd be done if i named my domain the something it was before. the minute i put it on the internet it started to get attacked.  To all of you attacking me out there in lala land, be warned I save all of you ip's and return the gesture.  

& Sat Jan 11 2003 BANG SMASH the Server CRASHED.  But don't panic I'm a Pro, I have backups I think. Now serial number where did I put that serial number.

Mon Jan 6 2003 Boy I love the snow, we have had more so far this year then the last 3 put together.  Once again i chickened out,  maybe its not so much fear but a lack of knowing what I really want. A smile is a powerful thing, if it happens it happens.  Spent the night getting caught up on a lot of little things like bills, emails, photos.   It was my intention to email everybody who posted in my guest book with in a week,  Well I'm just getting to it. Sorry!

and yes I know that the mega drive and the Genesis are the same thing.

And as Dave Allen used to say "Good Night and may your God go with you"

Sun Jan 5 2003  So much for Daily updates.  While I would like to do this everyday I think that probably a pipedream.  So if miss a day and do it l8er I will label it "AFT" for After The Fact.  

The Arcade project is coming along nicely below is a ROM update:

Atari2600 roms:                 962
COLCEO roms:                    90
Game Gear roms:                 449
GameBoy Advance Roms:     576
GameBoy Color Roms:         1635
GameBoy roms:                    1269
mame roms:                          3091
Nentendo 8-bit roms:            5091
Nintendo 64:                          704
sega Genesis Roms:                  576
Sega Master System roms:        529
Sega Mega Drive:                     459
Super Nintendo 16-bit Roms:    569

This is still a lot of duplication with the game roms in multiple languages. Here are a photo of what I have done so far, its running "Marble Maddness"

Thur Jan 2 2004  A word of advice here "Never do server maintenance after 10 pm".  I had a lot i wanted to write but i spent most of the night repairing a non booting server.

Night nite :-O

Mon  Dec 30 2002  Back to work ! Below are details of some of the machines on my network
Win 2000 server  Dual 2200 MP athlons with 512 meg DDR2600 memory and 340GB of disk dual 10/100 
Novell 4.11 server 300MZ k6 with 128 megs memory 10/100 nics
Programming station 600Mz pIII 128MB 80GB disk win98
Work machine 850Mz PIII 256Mb 120GB disk
My what if pc 300Mz k6 128mb memory 10Gb disk
Back up server win98 PII pro 200Mz 128Mb 120Gb disk(All this pc does is make backups)
Arcade Machine host win98 AMD althorns 2200XP 512 Mb memory 10/100 nic(work in progress)
Laptop win98 P300 64Mb 6Gb disk  (from work)
Power Mac 6100/66 with dos card Betsy old Mac.  This is just a toy I still need to harvest all her old files from it

Sun  Dec 29 2002 Finished going though Betsy clothes.  I have a feeling that if I can just close out a few difficult things that I can then move on,  Betsy would not want me to remain sad. Install the new video card(ati 7000) for my brother and fixed his CD software  I should have paid my bills but I got watching "You've Got Mail" instead

Sat Dec 28 2002 So much for daily updates.  A lot has happened between the 17th and today, I'm going to try to fill in the days tomorrow night.  Anyway today I started to go though Betsy clothes.  I don't know what made me do it today I've been putting off going though her things for so long.  having Christmas over seems like a milestone.  Hopefully the new year is better.

also for those trying to IM me an AIM, Its not that I don't want to chat. But that I have 11 computer in my home with two more coming.   I am offer in my lab working on projects and AIM is on the computer in the living room where i pay bills and do my job.

Fri  Dec 27 2002  Super Tech Strikes Again. I fixed Nancy ’s new pool video game. As easy as cake

All of this video game and emulation stuff started doe to the fact that both me and  Betsy always played video games together as entertainment.  Bur early in our marriage we were dirt poor.  We would go into the stores and look at ALL the games and dream then walk out empty handed. I swore that one day I have them all in a game room.  Now I'm make that dream come true

Thur  Dec 26 2002  BACK to work, But I took the afternoon off

Wend  Dec 25 2002
Christmas Day.  I stared off going to me sister in-laws (Teddi) home.  This is something that we used to do every year.  Net I went over to my parents. There my brother had his kids opening gifts, everybody seems to have a good time. My father like the coffee pot I gave him.

Later that day all my friends stop by.  That had all gotten me gifts to help my first charismas without Betsy better.  Marty & Nancy the two of you really over  did it, But it was a lot of fun! Thank you,  I have planes to get even.  Bill gave me a new chare for my computer desk,  the old folding chair from a yard sale.

Bill and I played arcade game into the nigh on the new arcade machine that I am building. Below is a partial list of games for it

MAME (arcade machine emulator) 2644 of 3465 games
Atari2600 ALL of the games ever made over 900
Sega Master System (SMS) All Games ever made
Sega Game Gear (GG) about 400 games
Coleco Vision All Games ever made
Super Nintendo(16bit) about 750 games
Nintendo (8 bit) about 1050 games
Nintendo 64 about 120 games

Tue  Dec 24 2002 Christmas eve.  The holiday season was always Betsy favorite time of year.  In our time together she and I have en-massed six 50-gallon totes of Christmas decorations.  I was only able to put up the wreath she have painted with her mouth , the tree with only light and a card holder that we have had since our first Christmas.  This has been very hard.

&& Sat 21  Dec 2002  Went to the Mall in Roch, I was their by 7am .  I was able to get most of my shopping done.  The weather was nasty but I love bad weather.  The best part of the day was around nine when I ran into somebody while shopping.  Not only a pleasant surprise but it proved to me that I'm not totally inapt at talking to the opposite sex.  I do think my side of the conversation could have gone better but we live and learn.

Fri Dec 20 2002 Fixed my gas tank & wrote a series of routines to track users as they log to the Novell server at work.  Saw "The Two Towers"  $4.50 for a 3 hour movie, apart from being better than the first movie it was the best deal I’ve had in a long time.

Thur Dec 19 2002  On the way to a meeting in bath 2 of the three straps the hold my gas tank up broke.  Thank goodness  I forgot to fill up before I left or the whole tank would have fallen off, I have a 45 gallon tank. With the help of a friend I was able to bungee cord and wire tie it up.  As a result I had to head home after the meeting instead of going to the mall.  On a good note Even though I turned down the Senor Tech position my superiors were impressed with the way I answer their questions on the "tech Quiz" they gave me.  They want me to start doing the job 1 day a week shadowing one of two seniors in the region.  This will be a great way to get my feet wet and see it this is something that I want to do.  To the best of my knowledge I only missed 3 question, far better than any body else that interviewed.  But I eat this stuff for breakfast.

Wed Dec 18 2002  I finished up my xmas cards

Tue Dec 17 2002  I have the 300+ new pictures almost ready to go up on this site.  check back over the weekend for them.  after 2 hours of work I'm 40% done. Time for a break I'll work on xmas cards now.

Mon. Dec 16 2002 There must be something wrong with me.  While I don't know if I'm ready to start dating again,  I never really dated before. Today I wanted to strike up a conversation with this new teacher.  It was my one personal goal today.  As I was walking up to her she turn and smiled and I was over come with fear.  Although I feel this is an improvement, a few month ago I thought it would be a good idea to get in the habit of approaching and talking to women again.  and my reaction was "Oh My god what am I doing"  All I felt was guilty.  what I miss the most is sharing my experiences with someone.  life experience has more value when shared. I'm going to try again this Thursday.  Hopefully I won't chicken out.

I got my xmas cards ready today.  Better late than never.

Sun Dec 15 2002 The holiday season was always Betsy’s favorite and this has made it very difficult for me.  I only recently decided to put up a Christmas tree.  The only thing I have on it are the lights.  It reminds me that while she no longer decorates my life, her light is still there

Sat. Dec 14 2002  Well I finally go myself an AIM screen-name.  Months of searching are over, IM me at timelord701.  Yes I'm a doctor who fan.

I'm also going to try to do an update every day