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&& Monday Dec 1 2003  Ok I deleted an entry, I was drunk & mad. and while the Sambuca helped me see the light.  I learned a long time ago to never do anything out of anger & I'm sorry.  But I now have some good news,  I have a girl friend.  She share the name of the eleventh moon of our seventh planet.  Here is some info on her:

Miranda [mih-RAN-dah] is not one of the larger satellites of Uranus; however, it was the one that was approached the closest by Voyager 2. This was not the satellite scientists would have chosen to get close to if they had a choice, but they had no choice. Voyager 2 had to fly close to the planet in order to get the boost it needed to go to Neptune . The resolution at which the larger satellites were photographed was around 2 to 3 kilometers (1.2 to 1.9 miles). On the other hand, details on the order of a few hundred meters can be seen on Miranda. Fortunately, Miranda turned out to be the most remarkable of all the satellites.

Miranda is a small satellite with a diameter of 470 kilometers (290 miles). Its surface is unlike anything in the solar system with features that are jumbled together in a haphazard fashion. Miranda consists of huge fault canyons as deep as 20 kilometers (12 miles), terraced layers and a mixture of old and young surfaces. The younger regions might have been produced by incomplete differentiation of the moon, a process in which upwelling of lighter material surfaced in limited areas. Alternatively, scientists believe that Miranda may have been shattered as many as five times during its evolution. After each shattering the moon would have reassembled from the remains of its former self with portions of the core exposed and portions of the surface buried. Miranda's appearence can be explained by theories, but the real reason is still unknown.


Given Miranda's small size and low temperature (-187į C or -335į F), the degree and diversity of the tectonic activity on this moon has surprised scientists. It is believed that an additional heat source such as tidal heating caused by the gravitational tug of Uranus must have been involved. In addition, some means must have mobilized the flow of icy material at low temperatures.


Miranda was named after the daughter of the magician Prospero in Shakespeare's play The Tempest. It is the eleventh moon of Uranus.


Nov 27 2003 pm of turkey day  I've sent the following email to everybody in Betsy's address book tonight.

In memory of


AKA Betsy O. Fenti


Hello everybody;  

Over a year and a half I wrote to you all to inform you of Betsyís Passing away.  At that time I also mention that I was creating a site in her memory that I would forward around in a few months.  While I plan to continue to add to this site I feel the time is right to share it. Being sometimes trapped by her disability Betsy so enjoyed her online life & the people she meet there.  Iím aware that with so much time passing that many of the email address in her address book are now outdated, so I ask for your help.  Please forward this to anybody you believe may have known her.  

I thank you for you time.

Frank W. Fenti her husband

Nov 27 2003 This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! This SUCKS! 

& Sun Nov 18 2003 Who would have thought that this would become as complicated as it did. Spent the day thinking thing though & I need to talk some things out. 

Well on a different note I've downloaded my biggest rom to date CarnEvil 3.2GB but it uses a light gun that I need to go buy now. here are a few dozen screenshots to choke your modem!

And I found these while cleaning up files.  Shawn talk about memories!



Sun Nov 11,2003 What a  What else can I say.

The last two weeks have been a whirl wind of self discovery and surprised,  I don't completely understand it all but true to my intent I have no regrets.

I have just finished compiling Betsy diary into one file.  It runs from 6-3-88 till 5-9-2003 for a total of 617 pages.  I'm trying not to read it as every time I do I find things I don't like. But I do know Itís a treasure to keep forever

I recently increased my tagline collection from 4,369 to 210,000 all most a quarter million!!  I'm not compulsive.  My goal is to create a html tag program for my email signature so that every time someone reads one of my messages the tagline changes! Being displayed randomly one 1 at a time it would take over 100 billion viewings to see them all. here are a few of them:

110151,I'll do it tomorrow -- I've made enough mistakes today!
110152,I'll do it tomorrow, quit calling me a procrastinator!
110154,I'll do it when I get around to it...what *is* a round tuit?
110155,I'll do it when I remember what it was!
110156,I'll do just about anything to sell this script!
110157,I'll do what I always do: Improvise.
110158,I'll do you for that! -- The Black Knight
110159,I'll do your physical. I'm used to autopsies. - Hawkeye to Trapper
110160,I'll drink 2 of what the man on the floor is having
110161,I'll drink to that!
110162,I'll drink to that. And that. And that. And that.
110163,I'll drink two of what the gentleman on the floor is having.
110165,I'll drive you crazy, but you're paying for gas!
110168,I'll eat ANYTHING that's BRIGHT BLUE!!
110170,I'll eat natural foods when folk start charging natural prices.
110171,I'll eat natural foods when folks quit dying natural deaths.
110172,I'll eat you for lunch any day.
110173,I'll even get down on my knees...
110174,I'll excise the bunion, Tom said callously.
110175,I'll excuse the mess. I know @FN@ lives here.
110176,I'll explain sometime when we're not getting shot at.
110177,I'll feed your head with bread / and paint your lips bright red
110178,I'll find you boots so fast it'll make your feet spin. - Sgt. Zale
110179,I'll frame Rocky & get away scott-free! - Crow sings
110180,I'll get a life when the last tagline is written...
110181,I'll get all the sleep I need when I'm dead.
110182,I'll get around to avoiding you later, Frank. - Hoolihan

Sunday Nov 2 2003   

Tuesday Oct 28 2003 Well this has me PISSED off, itís one of the most deplorable acts I can thing of.  Somebody stole all of the pumpkins I had placed on Betsy Grave.  I know who ever did it will never read this but it is my home that the memories of your actions haunt you for the rest of you life.   

I had to take a sick day to day from work.  I awoke with a bad nose bleed & one of the worst headaches Iíve ever had.  It had me scared.  Iím going to have to buy a humidifier to deal with the dry air this winter.  I seem to deal worst with it with each passing year. 

And for no reason here's the first 1000 digits of Pi

And if you liked that, my pi program has taken it out to 1 million places but its not color coded 

You can download it here---->Aprox 1.23 Megs


Monday Oct 27 2003 My good friends Nancy & Bill have taught me a new appreciation for the game of baseball.  So Iíve decide to sum up my current situation with an analogy (no not that one).  For over a year and a half Iíve stood at home plate playing the best game I could.  Dealing with one bad ball after another, trying to manage the game as best as I could.  So when a possibly good pitch came my way I had to swing.  It deserved the same attention as the crap that came my way.  Will it be a good play? I hope so.  Iím still learning the rules.  This one thing Iím am sure: Itís been a long time since Iíve felt the excitement of being in the game.  I hope she'll read me my rights!


"Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused."


proof that 1 = 2.


Notice the following:


                  1 = 1^1 = 1

              2 + 2 = 2^2 = 4

          3 + 3 + 3 = 3^2 = 9

      4 + 4 + 4 + 4 = 4^2 = 16


and in general:


     x + x + ..... + x = x^2

     \___ x times ___/


Derive in place:


     1 + 1 + ..... + 1 = 2 x

     \___ x times ___/


       1 * x = 2 x


Simplify by x which is not zero, 1 = 2.


Note the formula is valid for pure fractionals too, for example:


0.05 + 0.05 + 0.05 + 0.05 + 0.05 =

0.01 * (5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5) = 0.01 * 5^2 = 0.05 ^2 = 0.25


and thus it is valid for any real number x because we can always write x as a sum of a pure integer u and a pure fractional v: x = u+v. For example x=3.8 => u=3 and v=0.8. So we are not deriving in a discrete space, think somewhere else.

Tuesday Oct 21 2003 Today SSX3 for my gamecube was released I'm going to pick it up over the weekend.  Here is some more of my recent artwork.

Monday Oct 20 2003 Well I guess it true, It's the darkest just before setting on the cat.  Sorry Myau. Wish me luck!

below is a recent piece of my artwork.


Sunday Oct 19 2003 A lot has happened none of it good/fun so I'm not going to write about it. lest to say that the answers I got were not the ones I was excepting!

I found two more of the friends I've lost touch with, hopefully it goes better this time.  Some people just don't want to be found!

I'm still working on my artwork & I' post some more when I'm happy with it.

Today's geek Factoid: HYDROGEN is the simplest and most abundant of elements. Composed of one proton and one electron, it makes up 90% of our universe (by number of atoms). On Earth, hydrogen is commonly found as a diatomic molecular gas. But on Jupiter, where interior pressure is millions of times greater than that at our planet's surface, the hydrogen molecule is theorized to exist as a super hot liquid metal.  More info at: http://www-phys.llnl.gov/H_Div/GG/Nellis.html this is how I spend my spare time!

Sunday Oct 12 2003

Just remember that you're standing on a planet that's evolving

And revolving at nine hundred miles an hour,

That's orbiting at nineteen miles a second, so it's reckoned,

A sun that is the source of all our power.

The sun and you and me and all the stars that we can see

Are moving at a million miles a day

In an outer spiral arm, at forty thousand miles an hour,

Of the galaxy we call the 'Milky Way'.

Our galaxy itself contains a hundred billion stars.

It's a hundred thousand light years side to side.

It bulges in the middle, sixteen thousand light years thick,

But out by us, it's just three thousand light years wide.

We are thirty thousand light years from galactic central point.

We go 'round every two hundred million years,

And our galaxy is only one of millions of billions

In this amazing and expanding universe.

The universe itself keeps on expanding and expanding

In all of the directions it can whiz

As fast as it can go, at the speed of light, you know,

Twelve million miles a minute, and that's the fastest speed there is.

So remember, when you're feeling very small and insecure,

How amazingly unlikely is your birth,

And pray that there is intelligent life somewhere in space,

'Cause there's bugger all down here on Earth.


&&  Friday Oct 10 2003 Well what a week.  While talking to an attractive women recently she came over and brushed her boobs against my arm.  I must say that got my attention quickly and it's good to know that I can still react!  I can't believe it was by accident because women must know how far out they go!?!

Thursday Oct 9 2003 It's been a long week.  Betsy's head stone is finally done, it was installed Wednesday & I took this picture around 8pm in the light of my car. I've also added it to to her page

I've been doing a lot of animations I have 10 done some of which are almost 300md in size. I remember back in 93 I spent $500 for my 329mb hard disk, to think I could only get one of my movies on it!

Monday Oct 6 2003 Been a little down lately trying to get my self motivated. My new roof leaks I need to call the Tom the guy That did the work.  Been work on some of my artwork below is a link to download a 27mb animation I did.

I needed to change my email address as I was getting over 100 pieces of span a night.  If I forgot to send it to you please ask for it.

   Vistrapro seq 1 27mb

Sun Sept 28 2003 My bike is broken. the back tire has a broken spoke.  the last time I roade it i did 30 miles & I thought I was just getting tired because I could not get it over 20mph.  But it turns out that my back wheel is bent and rubbing on the brakes. Buying a spare bike is locking better and better.

Why is it I cant seem to keep to the 3 things that I know would make my life better.

I've had a very short fuse lastly, People seem to be able to push me over the edge more easily or maybe I'm losing my patients quickly.  The weird thing is that I'm enjoying getting pissed, it feels good to let it out.  I'm also gotten a lot done this week I've seem to sitting on my ass less.  I've also come to the collusion that I'm very impatient with my self, I what to be further along with the grief I'm dealing with.  I know that I'm becoming a different person I've abandon  almost everything that Betsy and I used to do together, they were thing I did with her and seem to have less value now.

Sun Sept 21 2003  In all fairness the "Alfred Counseling Assoc." answered my letter and all is well.  I've decided to go for some counseling to help me get my life back.  I've felt stuck for the last 5 months.   I know this is going to sound strange but I have just come to the realization that I can do whatever I want.  In the past me & Betsy made all of our planes together.   Not that I had to clear everything with her it was just how we communicated, we tried to be fair with each other 

I've gone to Grady's the last two weekends,  Had a lot of fun & talked to the Cute waitresses that work there

9-20-03 I Hiked the Kanakadea Finger lake trail about 4 miles, Dame it was one hell of a climb, all the rain had wash the path into a chasm & my camera's battery died 1/2 threw . I had a lot of fun & I have the blisters to prove it

9-21-02 I took my camera with me today on my 30 mile ride to Howard up rt70 to the turnpike then to rt27 to rt119 to Canisteo.  

Needless to say, "I'm Sore".  The exercise seem to help my moods

Added the following links today

Video of Betsy

Ride to Howard

Hike of Kanakadea Finger lake trail


and a little Sun Sept 7 2003 Added the following links in there appropriate places tonight.

Outlet trail 8-30-03 #1

Outlet trail 8-30-03 #2

Outlet trail 8-30-03 #3

Outlet trail 8-30-03 #4

Middlesex Trail 9-6-03


Thanks goes to Mickey for this one:

            go to google and search:

            answer to life, the universe, and everything

            (has to be exact, so you might want to cut and paste the above line)


Recap of the weeks events


Saturday Aug 30 2003:  Did a lot of morning exercise followed by a 20 mile bike ride along side Keuka lake and to top it off I did a 14 mile hick.  I hiked the outlet trail to get the above pictures. 5 & a half hours of walking. I ran out of water on the way back. Boy did I overdue it.  


Sunday Aug 31 2003: Paid the price for Saturday. thanks Nancy for the meds, That knocked me out but helped


Monday Sept 1 2003:  Found out My new main PC had bad memory.  Bummer!


Tuesday Sept 2 2003 After work I went to Roch for new memory & to look for a recalled Gamecube game & broadband adapter.


Wednesday Sept 3 2003:  Got The phantasy star online hack up & running.  Now I can upload code to my gamecube.  It's just a matter of time know before the copy protection on the cube falls.


Saturday Sept 62003:: Rode the Middlesex trail in Naples.  I sank in mud & lots my front tire in a weed covered crater.  But I had a lot of fun.


That last line say it all. I had fun.  And I want more of it.  


Thur Sept 4 2003  I sent the following letter out today.

Alfred Counseling Assoc.

35 Glen St

Alfred NY 14802



To whom it may concern;


My doctor recommended your group to me when I was having trouble being the primarily caregiver to my wife in fall 2001.  And again a little over a month ago as I struggled with the events of the last year.  In all I have made three call to your service and I have left my name & number.  I have never received a call back.  I wish that if you did not want me as a customer you had given me the courtesy of letting me know.  While Iím am upset over your lack of a response to do nothing would send the message that I condone actions.  That is not the message I want to express so I have decided to send you & my doctor this letter and to post it on my website.  It is my hope that my physician will not recommend your group to any patients in the future


Frank W. Fenti



Mon Aug 25 2003 Dammed that black box, I hear it's sirens call "Come & sit in front of me and watch. Waste your time With my mind numbing pictures".  Repeat after me frank " Just turn it off, their is nothing on". 

Quick recap of passed events

                    Friday Aug 22 Went to a MELISSA ETHERIDGE concert at tags, thanks Mickey. Great show, although the first band sucked!, Sorry Marty.  Saw lots of intrusting people mostly woman, most of which I stood no chance with.  To my defense the only thing that would have made a difference  would be a sex change.

           Saturday Aug 23  I was the photographer  at my brother-in-law's daughter wedding.  I was dreading it but things seem to go well.  I have always taken pictures just for me & the pressure was ON.

            Sunday Aug 24 Nancy and me went on the "outlet trail" between Keuka & Seneca lakes.  To date is is the best trail I have ridden on.  There were old buildings, stone locks, Railroad trestles, fields of flowers and the air was filled with butterflies.  The only thing that made it better was sharing it with my friend Nancy.  She really challenge me on the ride back as we decided not to follow the trail back. Instead we rode 54 west to Penn Yan up the mountain between the lakes, I thought that climb was never going to end. I'm going back this week with my camera.

While surfing the web for information on the time dilation experienced by subatomic particles as they approach the speed of light. Yes I really do these things! I ran across a sit with info on it on how to upload information to my gamecube to view movies & execute code. This could be fun.


Sat Aug 23 2003 Recent events have driven home the fact that I need to be doing things for my self.  Although being selfish is very much against my nature IT is what I need.  I need to take care of me for a while.  I've been pushing the anger and bad feelings aside for so long now I don't know what it is to be me.  Being selfish has always made me feel guilty, Well I'm not going to be feeling that for a while, I lost a lot in the last year and while I don't know what I want I do know what I need.  It is my hope not to hurt anyone in my endeavor to become selfish. So to everyone that may get hit, It was not my intention.

Wend. Aug 20 2003  below is the first images from my new rendering system.

Sunday Aug 17 2003  this week an old friend dropped by to visit Betsy and me.  When Betsy died I could find no way to get a hold of him. Sorry Kevin, I hope you will visit Betsy site I have created and put an entry into the guest book.  

I fixed my friend Dave's computer for the 5th time this week. for payment he stopped by beers of the world and got me 32 beers see photos below.

I have finished networking my 12 best computer into a Beowulf style supercomputer.  At the moment it just running retracing software and  seti at home stuff.


& Tues. Aug 12 2003.  Feeling Good! I hope this stays around. Great game tonight DD I love the way you dove for 2nd with that panicked look on your face.  Walked 3 miles today & biked 17. My leg muscles feel like a rocks I just wish my endurance was climbing more rapidly, oh well

Over a year ago, right after Betsy passed away. I was making dinner and feeling very frustrated. When one of my kitchen draws stating acting up. In anger I hit it hard breaking the support causing it fall though to the floor. So for a year it sat on my counter as a reminder that all the anger in the world was never going to bring her back to me. I miss you Betsy. Well today I fixed that draw


Sun Aug 10 & 11 2003 I've been wanting to do more updates but I've had something on my mind that I've been pre-occupied with.  I was going to put it in here but mark showed up and distracted me, I know that getting it out would allow me to deal with it.  


At the moment I am very sore,  in the absent of any focus in my life  I've decided to spend some time working out.  today I walked 5 miles and biked 15.  And I'm going to try to walk before work tomorrow.  


Well here it is a day l8er, last night it was mark tonight Dave stopped by with his sick computer. He of all people should have been running virus software, what a mess. this will make the 4th time I have looked at it for him


I've been reading my web logs and I'm getting about 10 visitors a day. And the Burning questions that begs to be asked is "who the hell are all of you" but thanks for stopping by, Give the guest book a try. I've fixed it for real this time.


I've finished building my DVD burning PC and am currently putting together DVD of all 38 Zim episodes.


The other day I got a unexpected confidents boost from my friend Carol  in Pen Ynn. Thanks Carol this is all so new.  Betsy admired you & I think that with put her disability would have been a lot like you. good luck with the Greg thing. 



Well I'm tired it 11:30 so as my favorite comedian "Dave Allen" Used to say. "Good night and my your god go with you" 


WErId FAcT:  Dolphins and most marine males sleep by sleeping half of their brain at a time. this allow them to be active 24 hours a day. and squid and octopus don't seem to sleep at all but then again there brains have a structure unlike anything else in the animal world


Current status of the chess game between me and Shawn. It's my move white.

Sun Aug 3 2003 I added the following to my web page tonight.  Spent most of the day getting Nancy's new PC ready for her, I hid a few surprises in it for her.

Art Show photos

Art Show Newspaper

Art Show Write-up

Funeral Pictures

+++  Tue July 29 2003 I took down Betsy's and mine wedding pictures today. As I walked into my computer room to get a picture to replace it there were three large rainbows on the walls. Sunlight was hitting a cdrom on my desk just right.  It faded within the minutes.  I have been really depressed lately and I took it that it was ok with Betsy to take it down. 

I need to change something/everything. Whatever Iím doing is not working for me, Iím miserable.  What ever I try to do I never seem to have fun at. Among other things! 

On the 12th of July my friend Bill suggests going to Mchails as strip club in corning. So at 10:30 we grabbed some money and headed over.  It was my first time in a place like that. And I had my first lap dance.  Down side:  I was the designated driver so my friend Bill Thought WoW I can know drink like a fish, which he did.  Another first was Bill pucking up all over himself, my door, the side of the care, me and my back set on the way home.  He promised to clean it up the next day but he was still to sick too having tossed is cookies all night and morning. I guess it even he bought me the dance as a birthday present.

Today's odd Fact: An atom is about 100,000 times larger than the nucleus; if we enlarge the nucleus to the size of a basketball, the atom would have a diameter of about 15 miles, with empty space in between. Hence the revolutionary insight of Rutherford is that the atom is mostly empty space! However, despite its very small size, the nucleus contains 99.9% of the mass of the atom, because the electrons have very small mass. When we touch a surface what we feel is the negative force of the electrons repelling each other.  If not for this force a baseball would go right though your glove then hand!

Mon July 28 2003 Fuck that pissed me off, I must be in a bad mood

                                And I wish I wasn't such a coward, this was the 3rd time

[lazy] Mon July 14 2003  Mickey taught me a new word over the weekend "Boobalicious" as the way her red shirt made her look.  Thanks Mickey. Had the service for my father over the weekend and went to the drive in with friends, see photos links below. 

My Dads service


This Just in, while my updates were posting I went out to the kitchen to get some more tea and a mouse ran across my stove.  I grabbed the cat and set him on the counter, he watched it run along the wall over the cat the it ran under him.  Myau watched him run to the other side of the room before he jumped down to finish his supper.  The mouse must be a friend of his, Damn lazy cat!  I can't blame him I've been a little lazy myself

Fri July 11 2003  The sightings of rainbows continue since Saturday night,  The count is up to 5!

Current status of the chess game I'm playing, Shawn to move



Mon July 7 2003 

75 EC 68 F3 F2 A2 F2 77 6F 75 6C 64 F2 68 DD 76 65 F2
73 65 74 74 6C 65 64 F2 66 6F 72 F2 DD F2 EC DD 72 64
F2 6F 72 F2 76 65 72 79 F2 6C 65 DD 73 74 F2 DD F2 EC
DD 6C 6C C7 6D 65 73 73 DD 67 65 F2 73 DD 79 69 6E 67
F2 68 DD 70 70 79 F2 DF 69 72 74 68 64 DD 79 F3 F2 E4
C7 E4 C7 E3 E4 F2 74 6F F2 E4 C7 E4 C7 C8 D8 F2 74 68
DD 74 F9 73 F2 D8 E3 F2 79 65 DD 72 73 F2 6E 6F 77 F2
DD 6E 64 F2 A2 F9 6D F2 6F 6E F2 6D 79 F2 6F 77 6E C6
F2 F2 A8 A4 C4 F2 A2 F9 6D F2 67 6F 6F 64 F2 77 69 74
68 F2 74 68 DD 74 C6 F2 86 65 74 73 79 F2 DD 6C 77 DD
79 73 F2 6B 6E 65 77 F2 74 68 DD 74 F2 A2 F2 64 69 64
6E F9 74 F2 6E 65 65 64 F2 70 65 6F 70 6C 65 F2 69 6E
F2 6D 79 F2 6C 69 66 65 F2 74 68 DD 74 F2 A2 F2 77 DD
73 F2 6F 6B F2 DD 6C 6F 6E 65 C6 F2 F2 A2 74 F2 6A 75
73 74 F2 68 75 72 74 73 F2 DF 65 EC DD 75 73 65 F2 A2
F2 77 65 6E 74 F2 74 68 65 F2 65 78 74 72 DD F2 64 69
73 74 DD 6E EC 65 F2 74 6F F2 6C 65 F2 6D 79 F2 66 72
69 65 6E 64 73 F2 6B 6E 6F 77 F2 74 68 65 79 F2 DD 72
65 F2 69 6E F2 6D 79 F2 74 68 6F 75 67 68 74 73 C6 F2

Thanks for the Card Shawn!

later that night....

I'm currently play chess with my friend Shawn (Autobyte) via email.  Its Shawn's move (Black).  The blue squares are my last move.

Shawn [to move]


When the game is over I have some software that will create a animation of the board play.

\Chess Factoid: My role-model for learning the game was Robert James ("Bobby") Fischer

On a side note I hope to get back into the game of chest later this year.

Sat July 5 2003 I rolled over my news file to shorten things up.  I also just finished up a big project that I started last summed.  I had given my self a deadline for Nov 02 then Dec 25 then it was Betsy's birthday of Apr 25 03, But its done now.  I had scanned a lot of photos while putting together 8 photo albums of pictures.  these scanned photos are now on this web in their appropriate sections , see links below.

What a weird day, I spent the whole morning working on this site. later when I found out that mom had freaked out again I had to cancel the evening out. I've been debating weather or not to put this in here or not but I believe this needs to be shared and remembered!  For those of you who may not know Betsy's favorite color was the colors of the rainbow hence her nickname Rain-B.O the B.O. were her unmarred initials Betsy O'Hern.  In fact she collected things that had a rainbow of colors on them.   Anyway  about 8:30pm I found myself at Betsy's Grave so I sat down and started  talking at her about my need to move on and let go when I looked up and saw a large rainbow in the sky over the cemetery.  I took it as her permission to do what I need to do, as soon as I figure it out that is.

Pictures of me

Young pictures of me

Friends from high school

My father

Photos of my cat 1

Photos of my cat 2

---Pictures of Betsy---

Mud party

Reunion photos


Young Betsy 1

Young Betsy 2

Young Betsy 3

Misc. Scanned  photos of Betsy 1

Misc. Scanned  photos of Betsy 2

Misc. Scanned  photos of Betsy 3

Misc. Scanned  photos of Betsy 4

Misc. Scanned  photos of Betsy 5

Misc. Scanned  photos of Betsy 6

Misc. Scanned  photos of Betsy 7

Misc. Scanned  photos of Betsy 8

Misc. Scanned  photos of Betsy 9

Misc. Scanned  photos of Betsy 10