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My mail stationery & with sound!!








Wednesday April 28 2004  I posted the photos i took of Miranda & myself last trip to PA one week before she broke up with me.

  &  The last set of entries are gone.  And Iím sorry about them,  I was hurting but that is no excuse.  The suffering that I have endured over the last 4 days has reveled many things to me things Iím not proud of & few things even scared me.  

Miranda, Iíve been thinking a lot about us & Iíve decided that I made more then my share of mistakes with us.  But the reasons that I loved you are still there just a little different now.  As gone as I get my health back AGAIN I would like very much to meet with you and talk maybe over dinned.  

I lost 11-13 pounds over that last 4 days  & havenít sleep more the 2-3 hours a night.  I now know what its like to be torture.


&Thursday April 22 2004 I did not sleep last night at all, Iíve tried to nap today but could not get to sleep.  I thinK this has something to do with the medís Iím on for my knee.  Tonight Iím going to try some Tylenol PM.  Things have been heavy on my mind lately especially with what Sunday is.  Iím going to see kill bill 2 this Saturday having watched the first one last night.  Boy is it quiet around here. 

Tuesday April 20 2004 I saw the punisher Monday night.  It was good movie to see while in a bad mood.  Giving all the idiots I ran into Crap made me feel a lot better.  This includes the guy who that what I order was wrong.  50 cents more give you twice as much he said.  I told him that if he did want to sell the smaller bottle they should not stock it.  At that point he asked so which one do you want.  Moron! I asked him ďWhat Did I ask forĒ.  Then there was the prick that was too busy taking on his cell phone to order his tickets. So I steeped in front of him & bought mine.  When he complained I told him to make up his mind as to why he was in a line at a cinema.  Boy do I hate commercials at a theater I paid for the movie & not to watch people suck down Cole & M&Mís.  In my belief that every action should have reaction or better yet a consequences, for every commercial I paid to watch I dropped a big hand full of popcorn on the floor.  That way the money they made from me over the commercial stayed in the area going for some one to clean it up.  I believe if everybody protested this they would stop the commercials.  I would rather pay more for the ticket & support the art form then having to put up with being ripped off!  Oh by the way; I loved the movie.   

I solved a number of big technical issues today that have been hounding me for more then a month.  This proves that I am ďSuperTechĒ.  I think Iíll have tee-shires printed up.  

Also I ran into a old classmate of mine today who had just had a baby.  And God was she endowed.  Her mammaryís were big enough to feed two families!  Sorry had to say it.

Time for bed!  Iíve been listing to sad music all night while programming.  Iíve started to work in POV again.  Below is the crap I came up with tonight.


Sunday April 18 2003 Below is my new word!  I'm going to be saying it a lot!  Fuck I'm pissed!  Here is a little story.  Years ago I had a dead battery on my van with no other car I started to walk to Wal-Mart holding the battery to get a new one.  I would have been a 3 mile walk with a 35-40 pound battery both ways. Betsy called a friend to give me a lift I was upset about that.  Asking for help is painful for me but I'm always offering my services to try to help others or putting my feelings aside to try not to hurt others.  That being said; this week I Asked three people that I have spent a LOT of time helping, lending money & listening to for a favor  in all 3 cases it went something like this " Gee I don't know about that; But here is how you can help me".  Well that's IT.  Being mister nice guy has got me nothing but crap & I'm fucking tired of it. 


Well I needed a hand & my feelings are hurt.  The world is on it's own for a while!

     ___          ___    

    /  /\        /  /\   

   /  /::|      /  /::\  

  /  /:|:|     /  /:/\:\ 

 /  /:/|:|__  /  /:/  \:\

/__/:/ |:| /\/__/:/ \__\:\

\__\/  |:|/:/\  \:\ /  /:/

    |  |:/:/  \  \:\  /:/

    |__|::/    \  \:\/:/ 

    /__/:/      \  \::/  

    \__\/        \__\/   

Have fun. Donīt forget to bookmark


  /\ \ \ ___ 

 /  \/ // _ \

/ /\  /| (_) |

\_\ \/  \___/



@@@  @@@   @@@@@@  

@@@@ @@@  @@@@@@@@ 

@@!@!@@@  @@!  @@@ 

!@!!@!@!  !@!  @!@ 

@!@ !!@!  @!@  !@! 

!@!  !!!  !@!  !!! 

!!:  !!!  !!:  !!! 

:!:  !:!  :!:  !:! 

 ::   ::  ::::: :: 

::    :    : :  :   

 _   _       

( ) ( )      

| `\| |   _  

| , ` | /'_`\

| |`\ |( (_) )

(_) (_)`\___/'

****     **         

/**/**   /**         

/**//**  /**  ****** 

/** //** /** **////**

/**  //**/**/**   /**

/**   //****/**   /**

/**    //***//****** 

//      ///  //////  
`...     `..          

`. `..   `..          

`.. `..  `..   `..    

`..  `.. `.. `..  `.. 

`..   `. `..`..    `..

`..    `. .. `..  `.. 

`..      `..   `..    


_|_|    _|    _|_|    

_|  _|  _|  _|    _|  

_|    _|_|  _|    _|  

_|      _|    _|_|    
d8b   db  .d88b.  

888o  88 .8P  Y8. 

88V8o 88 88    88 

88 V8o88 88    88 

88  V888 `8b  d8' 

VP   V8P  `Y88P'  
o   o     

|\  |     

| \ | o-o 

|  \| | | 

o   o o-o 

Friday April 16, 2004 You know the old adage "Ask and you will receive"  Well I did & did not!

Monday April 12 2004 Here are some of the movies I can't wait for




If anybody would like to go with me to see any of them drop me a line.  My home phone is going to be turned off this month so get used to my cell phone.

Did you know that no piece of square dry paper can be folded more than 7 times in half!

Wednesday April 7, 2004 Boy am I tired and a little lame.  I gotten so much done in the last two days.  One of them was a start to my apple 2 page that Iím building.  Its buggy and there is only one disk mounted but hat give it a try

Tuesday April 6, 2004 I have got a lot done today.  Iíve gone thought all of my CDís, cleaned my computer room and half cleaned my back room.  I have also created a page for my fatherís models he gave me.  Due to the Gross amount I need to pay in taxes this year and some news from my lawyer Iíve canceled my vacation plans this week.  Iím just going to spend the time getting things in order.  Iím also been exercising to try to improve my mood  

Back in the mid to late 80s, an IBM compatible computer wasn't considered 100% compatible unless it could run Microsoft's Flight Simulator


Monday Apr 5 3004 Well I have read everything past magazine I had laying around.  I now have no choice but to read some of the book I have amassed over the years.  Iím going to finish a great book that I have been reading for 12 years (hackers).  I need to get some more subscriptions the two weekly & 4 monthly just are not cutting it.   Maybe Iíll add Time & Newsweek.

God Iíve been PISSY lately, it is a good thing that Iím on vacation this week.

Sunday Apr 4 2004 Recent events have reinforced my belief that nice guys finish last.  Iím tired of both.  Something along these lines needs to change in order for me to find happiness.   

Iíve started work on putting the ActiveX Apple GS emulator on my site.

Iíve also have been programming my living encryption routines.  It works via colonies of orgasms eating data.


Almost two-thirds of the earthís surface is covered by water. If the earth were flat, water would cover everything two miles deep!