An Ode to Ketchup

Red is the color of roses,

And the color of our patriot's blood,

Red also is the color of ketchup

Delicious on fried golden spuds.


Ketchup is the title of preference,

Although catsup's acceptable too,

But when dea lin g with a force that's so mighty,

One spel lin g alone just won't do.


Red ripe tomatoes, salt, vinegar,

And perhaps one or two insect parts,

Some fructose and natural flavors

Make up the taste of our hearts.


Sometimes the bottles are plastic,

Sometimes they are made out of glass,

Packaged in fast food chain envelopes,

Or in jars for gourmets with class.


So move over relish and mustard,

Mayo and salsa, same thing.

And raise all your lids up to ketchup

Forever the condiment king.