Apple IIe Pictures

These Are a very small collection of my Apple IIe pictures  I made while in high school in room 128 across from the AV office.  These images were made using Apple Soft Zbasic and assembler (6502).  Most used page flipping for the animation.  


Above left is the title screen to a demo I made. Above right is "Windows" A demo I wrote in 1984.  This  got  me into the summer school of media arts in Buffalo.  The best summer I ever had.

Ok, I didn't make the these two.  The first one is my favorite hi-res picture, bad pun buts its Me.  The Star Trek picture is the explosion of Veger from Star Trek 1 the motion picture as drawen by Bill on a Koloa pad.  Some of his other artwork can be found here.

The rest of the pictures in this section were created using functions I wrote to display mathematical  equations  like:

For x=0 to MaxX

 For y=0 to MaxY

   color(x,y)=some fuction(x,y)


Next y,x