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Some time during the summer of 2002 I needed a utility to display my web logs in real time.  but finding none I thought wait a minute!  I used to program.  Hell I bet I could write one.  So I did; them came other projects a few of them are here.  Then I thought maybe someone else out there could use them to!  So here they are all free (read disclaimer).  But I would ask that if you find them useful to please sign my guestbook.

If for some unforeseeable reason they become popular with lots of requested features then I may offer a pro version for a small fee.  But other wise I'm going to be developing them for my own use.

Shameless plug for a product that I love;  All of my projects are written in Powerbasic. a jewel on the web, check them out.




Friday June 16 2006  I've been wanting to do this for some time so today I laid the ground work.   Welcome to my litter corner of the web.  I had to put in a finite list of features that I wanted in the initial release of these programs or they would never bee done!  I'm no working on the next round of add ins.  

Why "Star Frost"?  Because it's true.  We are all & all we can see are the cooled down frost from countless 3rd & 4th generation stars that have boiled away into space over the last 13.9 billion years.  look up into the heavens and feel lucky! A chance to be.