Comman Line Picture Scanner



PicScanner 1.1

In a nut shell picscan will scan a computer looking for porn.  It does this by scanning pictures for colors in the flesh tone range. 

Let me be frank here, well it really hard not to be, there are many better programs available online that will do a much better job but they all cost $$.  I did not want to pay anything so I wrote this to solve my problem. 

At my job I was asked to see if there was any porn on the servers.  With 3000 users we had 290,000 pictures to look though.  This would take several days a few times a year.  This program reduced the number of images to about 7,000 by scanning all he pictures overnight.  It took about 3 hours.

picscan /?

Picture Scanner v1.1 By Frank W. Fenti

 This program scans Jpg's, Gif's, Png's & BMP's for flesh tone colors
 If the percent of these colors are between thresholds then some
 action is taken. Files less then 10K in size are skipped.
 Pressing esc will about the scan
 Written in PowerBasic Console V5"

 --- Command Options ---

 /Lxx [00-99] xx=percent or greater to act on; default=30
 /P pause at the end
 /S save a jpg in c:\temp
 /D display pictures (scaled to 640x480)
 /c[path] change save path (no spaces)
            /cc:\save-here c:\save-here
            needs /S too; this directory will be skipped by the scanner