Web Monitor





Monitor & Displays IIS Web logs

I started to run my own web site on my own server using dialup back in 2000. I had found a way to direct my domain back to my dynamic IP. Well for years I had been pinging the IP's with the -a option to try to figure out who was visiting. The about 2004 I set about writing an application to due it for me. Well this is a total re-write of all the work. With a lot more options to come, just after my up and coming marriage. I use it myself several times a day so I have big hopes for it.

Limitations:    Needs IIS with the log format set to NCSA format.
                     32768 records in log, I have never reached this.

Planed features for next update:
   Email support; send logs to an email address at the end of the day
   INI support to remember settings.
   Multi threaded to speed up launching
   Re-write phrase to use a plug-in mythology, to easy support other servers
   If you think of something let me know